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Medica, LLC

Licensing Management and Revenue Recovery

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We assist clients in maximizing the value of their intellectual property and enhancing revenue streams by examining compliance with licenses and other business agreements.  We help clients to identify ineffective internal controls, gauge compliance and identify underreported royalties.  By identifying potential levels of underreporting royalties and internal control improvements, we help ensure more accurate reporting in the future.  Our unique blend of forensic accounting and technical skills ensures that our clients gain the maximum benefits from proactive, profitable licensing programs and maintain productive relationships with their business partners.  

Our experienced professionals offer the ability to:

  • Assist with the development of licensing management programs including the establishment of systematic enforcement programs in order to maximize IP values; 

  • Design a communication letter to licensees that introduces the compliance program, and explains the reasons for and benefits of such a program;

  • Select possible licensee targets for royalty examination work in order to maximize the potential royalty benefits;

  • Assist licensees in preparation for a royalty examination;

  • Conduct fieldwork, including review of license agreement compliance issues and potential underreporting of royalties;

  • Perform compliance examinations in situations of pricing agreements, distribution agreements and franchise agreements;

  • Prepare a summary of findings, which can be used to discuss and negotiate potential economic settlement proposals; and

  • Perform our work as fact finders, while recognizing the sensitivities of a long-term business partner relationship.

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