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Medica, LLC

Forensic Investigation

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Are you prepared?

  • If there were fraud or irregularity within your company, would you know what steps to take?

  • If your company receives an anonymous whistle blower tip, would you know how to investigate the veracity and scope of the allegations?

  • If your company is subjected to an SEC or U.S. Department of Justice inquiry regarding an accounting error or irregularity in its financial statements, would you know whom to call?

We assist our clients in managing and mitigating risk, and identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities.  Our in-depth process of forensic accounting investigation and diagnosis allows our clients to recover lost funds or property, and halt further economic losses.

Our Forensic Investigation services include:

  • Internal investigations

  • Forensic accounting investigations

  • Money laundering investigations

  • Interviews and fact finding analysis

  • Background research of individuals and entities

  • Investigating and responding to:

    • Whistleblower allegations
    • Government Enforcement Actions
    • Conflict of interest allegations
    • Related party allegations
    • Fraud and other impropriety

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