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Employment Disputes

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Few disputes are more damaging to a business than that with an employee.  A conflict with a senior executive can devastate a company or cripple its performance.  Not handling an employee dispute with sensitivity may result in lack of trust and confidence in management.  An appropriate valuation of economic damages in employment disputes requires specialized knowledge.  It requires knowledge of labor economic principles and expertise with relevant, specialized data sources.  You can depend on us for thorough and rigorous expert reports and valuable guidance in forming your litigation strategy.  We recently performed the following for our clients: 

  • Analyzed claimed damages involving lost earnings in dispute for wrongful termination, tortuous interference, and theft of trade secrets.

  • Engaged by defendant in claim of wrongful termination and breach of fiduciary duty. Financial analysis involved underlying value of common stock of minority interest shareholders. Analyzed and rebutted plaintiff's damage model and underlying assumptions.

  • Analyzed claim of lost earnings in connection with alleged age discrimination and wrongful termination of employment. Reviewed and analyzed historical and projected earnings of employee including stock options, pension and other benefits.

  • Performed analysis of alleged damages claimed by hospital after senior executives were accused of fraud, misappropriation of assets, and unjust enrichment.  Evaluation of claim involved detailed review of financial operations, assessment of fair market value of the hospital before and after the alleged wrongful acts and detailed analysis of EBITDA.

  • Analyzed financial issues related to class action certification. Plaintiff claimed that defendant was incorrectly converting compensation from annual amounts to bi-weekly pay periods resulting in underpayment of a significant number of employees. Reviewed and analyzed the payroll system and calculations allegedly supporting the claim.

  • Retained by management to review and analyze compensation agreements, cash disbursements, credit card expenses, and certain real estate transactions. Summarized and presented findings to the company's management.


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