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In the right cases, having your expert participate in the mediation process can help put the parties on a path towards a cost-effective, early resolution.  We can assist in this capacity.  The high cost of litigation has increased the pressure on businesses, employers and individual parties to save money by reaching an early resolution of their cases.  As a result, parties are making a front-end investment by inviting their experts to participate directly in the mediation process during the early stages of a case. 

We can assist in serving as a neutral expert engaged by both parties or as an expert on behalf of your client.  In either case, our involvement at mediation can be particularly valuable in business cases involving complex financial disputes, complicated damage calculations, valuation issues, and forensic accounting. 

As a financial expert at mediation, we can help:

  1. identify and clarify financial issues in the case,
  2.  identify missing information,
  3. serve as a calming influence,
  4. temper expectations and
  5. offer innovative solutions to achieving settlement. 

An effective mediation that utilizes us as your financial expert can make the resolution of a complicated financial case a distinct possibility and can help your client achieve cost-effective dispute resolution.

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