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Financial Analysis of Commercial Damages

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As globalization continues to grow and the pace of business intensifies, the probability of disputes and other difficulties arise more frequently. We provide quantification of damages and rebuttal assistance to attorneys and corporate clients involved in commercial disputes. Our recent services include the following:

  • Retained as financial expert to analyze claim for restitution for false distress call. Work involved analysis of restitution claim of the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Forces, issuance of expert report and testimony in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.

  • Analyzed claimed damages associated with alleged false and misleading statements made by defendants that plaintiffs' automotive sealants pose health risks. Plaintiffs claimed lost profits, loss of business reputation and goodwill, disruption of plaintiffs' ongoing business activities, and threats and disruptions to relationships with customers. Issued rebuttal expert report in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Western Division.

  • Engaged by defendants to analyze claimed insurance losses associated with fire loss and related business interruption at printed circuit board manufacturer. Issued expert report and testified at deposition regarding findings.

  • Retained by defendant Tier 1 automotive supplier in breach of contract matter to analyze claimed minimum purchase requirements, rebates and alleged contingent price discounts related to drivetrain parts and assemblies. Issued expert report of findings and testified at deposition and arbitration hearing.

  • Engaged to perform business valuation of roofing company for purposes of equitable division of assets in marital dissolution. Also performed analysis of company records to evaluate claims of fraud and inappropriate fund transfers.

  • Retained as financial expert in dispute involving unpaid road salt purchases. Analyzed historical road salt purchases and related accounting for deposits and prepaid purchases under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Issued expert report in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.

  • Analyzed claim for business interruption and property damage related to collapse of grain elevator. Issued rebuttal expert report in the Court of Common Pleas, Ross County, Ohio.

  • Reviewed and analyzed reimbursable deficits claimed including detailed analysis of claimed lost revenue and dedicated operating expenses related to alleged breach of travel services agreement. Issued expert report and testified at deposition and arbitration hearing for defendant regarding claimed damages.

  • Analyzed damages claimed by South African wine producer resulting from alleged misinformation concerning trade secrets used in bottling sparkling wine. Performed detailed analysis of cash flow and earnings projections, going concern assessment, brand value, and substantial research of bottling methodology and South African wine industry trends.

  • Retained by defendant in matter concerning damages resulting from a breach of an alleged agreement. Provided analysis in rebuttal to plaintiff's claim of lost profits due to lost sales and excess inventory.

  • Evaluated claimed damages resulting from alleged failure of rubber roofing materials. Analysis included review of acquisitions, business valuations, and cash flow calculations.

  • Retained by defendant to evaluate lost profits and damages claimed by plaintiff for an alleged breach of a sourcing contract. Evaluation included but for gross profit analysis, interpretation of operating results and historical performance, and incremental cost analysis.

  • Engaged to assist in class action suit brought by dealer-licensed gas stations in the state of Ohio. Claims involved allegations that operating practices caused restraint of competition in the market and constituted an unlawful tying arrangement in the marketing of gasoline, tires, batteries and accessories.

  • Analyzed alleged financial damages caused by breach of contract over resale of long distance phone services. Analyzed claimed lost profits incurred in providing pay phone services to a truck stop business.

  • Retained as neutral financial expert by plaintiff and defendant at the request of mediator to analyze the value of minority shareholder's interest in physician staffing organization. Issued expert report of findings which assisted in a resolution in the matter.

  • Analyzed amount due for sale of lighting products under a distributor agreement and assessed the reliability of the accounting system used to generate amounts due under a consignment inventory system.

  • Ascertained economic damages sustained from fire loss allegedly caused by defendant's product at dairy processing plant. Analysis included review of plant operations, and evaluation of but for sales and profits.

  • Analyzed damages incurred for additional expenses and lost profits caused by failure of heat trace system installed at candy manufacturing plant. Determined shortfall in sales and profits caused by product failure and additional costs incurred to mitigate the problem during peak production periods.

  • Retained by plaintiff in breach of contract action for project management services in connection with construction of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Analyzed cost-plus contract which included impact of pension funding costs and retiree medical insurance programs.

  • Analyzed alleged reduction in shareholder value and alleged lost profits from lost government contract as a result of plaintiff's inability to obtain bonding. Reviewed and analyzed plaintiff's financial and capacity constraints, and profitability of other governmental contracts.

  • Prepared business valuation of distribution system of an electric utility company for a potential eminent domain proceeding. Analysis included income, market and cost approaches to determine a range of the business values.

  • Analyzed claimed lost profits on behalf of defendant insurance company related to loss of use of business assets.

  • Engaged by plaintiff in dispute related to claimed value of minority shareholder's interest in closely-held company. Reviewed and analyzed calculation of value used to force liquidation of minority shareholder.

  • Retained by defendant to analyze claimed lost profits of construction contractor associated with auto accident.

  • Engaged as neutral financial expert by plaintiff and defendant at the request of mediator to analyze claims for health insurance benefits of retired union employees. Analyzed retirees' employer's financial ability to make payments for insurance benefits. Issued expert report regarding findings.

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