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Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigations, and Litigation Support

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We are a boutique accounting firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with national capabilities specializing in forensic accounting, dispute analysis and litigation support, and fraud investigations.

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The Effective Use of Financial Experts in Mediation

Engaging a neutral financial expert to assist in bringing more meaning to the numbers can lead to a more durable and sustainable resolution.

Determining Disruptions

COVID-19-related business interruption insurance claims come into focus.

5 Benefits Of Using A Financial Expert At Mediation

In the right cases, having a financial expert participate in the mediation process can help put the parties on a path toward a cost-effective, early resolution.

Fraud and Business Interruption Claims

How to identify and combat blatant inaccuracies.

Vetting Experts

Hiring the right expert can mean the difference between winning or losing a high-stakes arson case.

Is Proximate Cause Being Eroded in Determining Restitution?

Proximate cause is a critical linkage to any calculation or determination of restitution.

AICPA Rules of Professional Conduct

Whether you are engaging an expert or cross-examining one, it is critical to be aware of the professional guidance and ethical standards to which your witness must adhere.

Overcoming "Anchoring"

A mediator's empirically-based approach to helping the parties make the right offer and demand.

Building Your "A-Team"

How the legal profession can benefit from diverse and unique experts in the field.

Ransomeware Attacks: Making Your Organization's "Best Defense A Good Offense"

Does your organization have a good offensive plan in place to deal with these types of threats and how would you proceed in your defense of a ransomware attack?

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